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Adventure Travel Group Responsible Travel and Environmental Policies

  • Integrate responsible tourism into all aspects of our business.
  • Conduct our bicycle tours in a way that is sustainable to the local environment minimizing negative impact on the environment and local communities where we travel.
  • Offer tours that stimulate the local economy in a balanced and sustainable way – We utilize local resources to rent vehicles, bicycles and work with local family-owned restaurants and B&B’s. We hire local guides for city and cultural tours.
  • Conserve the environment by using bicycles as our method of travel – We use locally approved bike routes which are 95% on paved roads. We minimize the use of plastic botttles and bags by using resusable containers for shopping and for water for our biker rider clients. We recycle everthing that is possible and ensure that our groups ‘leave not trace’ as we conduct our bike tours.
  • Consume locally produced food and wine whenever feasible.
  • Use recycled paper and recycle all feasible office supplies. Since our office is in our home…we minimize consumption of fossil fuels by not commuting in an automobile.
  • Encourage our vendors, and clients to improve their contribution to the sustainable development and management of their business by educating them in environmentally sound practices of recycling. For example we encourage our guests to reuse hotel towels for several days before requesting new towels to minimize the energy and water consumption.
  • Respect the integrity of local cultures and social structures and educate our clients on the same. During our Welcome Group talk we explain pertinent local customs, greetings and key local words. We ensure our groups are aware of local customs and proper attire to show respect and understand of local cultures.

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